Introducing the Cost of International Health Insurance Report 2021-2022

Introducing the Cost of International Health Insurance Report 2021-2022

May 20, 2022

We are thrilled to finally announce our latest edition of the Cost of International Health Insurance Report. In this annual report, you will learn about the ever-evolving world of international health insurance premiums, and discover what’s changed across the health insurance industry in the past year. Let’s dive straight in and briefly go over the report in this Pacific Prime CXA article.

What is the cost of international health premiums around the world?

In the report, you will find a section dedicated to the cost of international private health insurance (IPMI) premiums for both individuals and families from 100 global locations. We compiled data during 2021, so we can analyze the premiums and present to you the rankings of each location, as well as explore further whether these premiums have increased or decreased. 

Rankings and premiums

In case you were wondering, our analysis confirmed that the US ranked number one for average individual premium (USD $7,431) and average family premium (USD $20,929) in 2021. At the same time, Hong Kong and Singapore came second and third in the ranking, respectively. This year Mexico rose to fourth in the ranking for individual premiums (USD $6,200), followed by Israel in fifth (USD $5,432). For average family premiums, China came fourth (USD $15,940), and Dubai (UAE) came fifth (USD $15,892). 

To learn more and get the complete analysis of the above rankings and more, you’re welcome to download the free report here.

Other key sections to look out for in the Cost of International Health Insurance Report

Once you have gone through the rankings and delved into the explanations, you’ll come across our global analysis, including two key sections. The first section outlines our main finding, which is that average IPMI premiums have risen in most locations, and the section explores the key drivers pushing up premiums globally.

This is followed by our regional analysis, which includes a number of regions- and location-specific trends. Each of which comes contextualized with insights from our insurance experts in those regional offices, including:

  • The Americas,
  • Mexico,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Singapore,
  • Thailand,
  • China, and
  • The UAE

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