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The challenge of improving employee health can only be solved when players from the healthcare, insurance, technology and consumer goods industries collaborate with employers to make healthy living easy.

We realized that alone, we can only do so much. By partnering with banks, telcos and other distributors, we multiply our ability to enrich lives by offering our solutions to their enterprise customers. We are building an ecosystem of healthcare enablers and rewriting the way companies improve their employees' health.

If you share our aim of improving employees' health across Asia, come and speak to us today.

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Multinational Banking And Financial Services Group Collaborates With CXA In Singapore

A multinational banking group headquartered in Singapore was keen to provide digital health and wellness services to its corporate and retail customers. The bank worked closely with CXA to scope the intended products, services, and capabilities, while CXA built the technology required to implement the bank's vision.

Providing support to residents in Singapore in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

The bank launched the new health and wellness mobile app in June 2020 in Singapore, just as the country was recovering from its largest wave of COVID-19 infections. The collaboration allowed the bank to diversify its product offerings, and provide residents a way to access essential medical services in the safety and comfort of their own homes. The bank intends to deepen its partnership with CXA by bundling the app with its existing suite of services, to better serve its 200,000-strong SME client base in Singapore, and eventually the rest of Southeast Asia.

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CXA Tech Used By One Of The Largest Banking Groups In Hong Kong

A large global bank owned insurer looking to establish its own 'next-generation' group employee benefits insurance platform in Hong Kong by leveraging CXA's health and wellness platform, connected seamlessly to insurer's policy administration system, to deliver a unified digital experience to its own employees and corporate customers. Over time, the platform is expected to promote personalized and relevant insurance products and services to its customers and their employees.


In collaboration with CXA, the insurer successfully launched a custom version of CXA's platform to its group ~60,000 employees and dependents in Hong Kong in December 2020 with the corporate customer release in January 2021 with tremendous engagement with ~90% active users shortly after launch.

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“We have built the CXA platform ... one that people could use every single day – and making it available through banks to SME employers and employees, our ambition is also to help the banks serve more personalised bancassurance offerings that individuals need and want in their personal lives, at precisely the right moment”

-Rosaline Koo

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