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Our specially selected partners can reach 400,000 captive users each and every day

We work with a diverse range of provider partners from sectors like health and wellness, insurance, and banking, as well as a growing number of distribution partners.

Talk to us today if you’re interested in joining the number one employee-accessible workplace-benefits marketplace in Asia.

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Product Categories

  • Alternate medicine
  • Children
  • Dental treatment
  • Food and supplements
  • Holiday subsidies
  • Insurance and finance
  • Lifestyle and leisure
  • Sports and fitness
  • Pain management
  • Parent care
  • Vision
  • Self-improvement
  • Wellness programs
  • Medical and specialised therapies

We recommend companies like yours

CXAShop recommends products and services to employees based on their health risk assessment, screening results, and wellness goals, so it’s easy to get the right offering in front of the right people.

Get involved

Take your show on the road

Workplace Partner roadshows and employee communications sessions form the perfect vehicle for product launches and demonstrations.

CXAShop Partner profile: COMO Shambala

COMO Shambhala combines a holistic perspective to wellness with a personalised approach to individual needs. Its wellness centre on Orchard Road, COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, offers restorative massage therapies and classes for all levels in yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, meditation and many more. COMO Shambhala joined CXAShop in 2015, and is one of our earliest and most valued partners.

“COMO Shambhala is a long term partner - both as a client of CXA Insurance Brokerage services and of the CXAShop. Through CXA’s wellness marketplace, we’ve been able to touch more lives than we had ever imagined. We’re excited to be part of CXA’s growth journey.”

- Regional Director

Look who’s already on board

Nuffield Dental
Paris Miki
GNC Live Well
Royce Dental Surgery
Outdoor Sports Travel
Singapore Medical Group (SMG)
The Ultimate
True Fitness
AXTRO Sports
Wellness Assessment Centre by AsiaMedic
Caregiver Asia
Ritual Gym
Healthway Medical Group
Kin Teck Tong
Mary Chia
Nanyang Optical

What do you say, partner?

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