Introducing the State of Health Insurance Report 2021-2022

Introducing the State of Health Insurance Report 2021-2022

September 7, 2022

If you’re looking for an all-in-one report covering the state of health insurance, both regionally and globally, you’ve arrived at the right place. As a leading insurance broker and employee benefits specialist in Singapore, we pride ourselves on bringing together the latest findings and trends for readers to learn and enjoy.

So much so that our latest edition of the State of Health Insurance Report 2021-2022 will have you fully immersed and consumed with information, facts, case studies, explanations, illustrations and more. Let’s briefly review the report in this Pacific Prime CXA article.

What is the state of health insurance in 2021-2022?

For this year’s State of Health Insurance Report, we uncovered many new findings affecting the world and various regions. We learned that healthcare needs continue to evolve post-COVID-19 pandemic and aren’t showing signs of slowing down. The health insurance industry has witnessed a surge in artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data innovations. Both are spurred on by the increased use of telehealth and consumer behaviour.

These, along with many more interesting findings, are described in the report, which you can download for FREE. But to give you a glimpse, here are three main trends from the report to know about for the global health insurance market in 2021-2022.

1. COVID-19’s legacy: Health equity for all

Health equity isn’t just about getting access to healthcare and “achieving his or her full health potential,” but also about ensuring that people are not “disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social position or other socially determined circumstances.” That said, the COVID-19 pandemic has strongly emphasised health disparity worldwide, making it a highly discussed topic among people of all backgrounds across the globe.

2. Data is the new healthcare currency

The use of data, whether from patients, research, applications and more, has enormously impacted the health insurance industry. Health insurance providers are tapping into this rich source of information to monitor changes, especially consumer behaviour and even determine premiums. Data also drives innovation, making it possible for insurers to design new products and adjust to the needs of consumers in real-time.

3. Health insurers buckle up for growth

Health insurers are better prepared than ever before to tackle the uncertainties ahead. Investment in insurtech will help insurers to deliver better services and manage the needs of policyholders, as well as prepare for the post-COVID-19 pandemic world.

To learn more about the above three trends, you’re welcome to download the State of Health Insurance Report 2021-2022 here.

Our contributors to the State of Health Insurance Report 2021-2022

At Pacific Prime, we are fortunate to have outstanding, long-term relationships with some of the world’s top insurance providers. To give you a broad and clear perspective of the health insurance world, we invited thought-leaders from Allianz, AXA, Bupa, Cigna and WBN to provide their tips, perspectives and outlook on the industry. More on what they said can be found in the report.

Get the State of Health Insurance Report 2021-2022!

With so much to gain from the report, what’s stopping you from expanding your knowledge of health insurance? The 80-page report will offer you a rich and immersive experience while assisting your understanding with graphs, charts and images to illustrate all our findings.

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