Welcome to the Pacific Prime CXA blog

Welcome to the Pacific Prime CXA blog

March 17, 2022

Welcome to the Pacific Prime CXA blog. We are committed to simplifying the complicated world of insurance for you. Here, you’ll find articles on a spectrum of topics including group insurance, flexible benefits, health, and many more. Get to know who we are and what you can expect to find on our blog in this Pacific Prime CXA article.

Who we are 

CXA has come a long way from our modest beginning as an insurtech start-up in 2013. Founder Rosaline Koo was alarmed by the rising cost of healthcare – a problem the industry could not resolve. She also realised that employee benefits were not one-size-fits-all. Thus, CXA was founded with a mission to improve employee health by shifting treatment spending to wellness and disease prevention. Prevention is better and a lot cheaper than cure after all. 

Soon, several Fortune 500 companies joined our ever-expanding list of clientele. We’ve even opened branch offices across Hong Kong and China. 

Pacific Prime CXA 

CXA was acquired by Pacific Prime, an award-winning insurance broker with a strong global presence across 15 locations, on February 4th, 2021. With our flexible benefits portal and Pacific Prime’s Prime Care Portal, we strive to revolutionise the insurance industry with cutting-edge technology and a client-centred servicing model. Together, we’ve expanded our reach and service capabilities to better serve our clients and partners. 

Flexible benefits portal

CXA’s flexible benefits portal is a streamlined employee benefits management platform. Here, employees can access our CXA Shop, which is full of wellness and health-related products, as well as discounts from our partners. From gym equipment, supplements, and spa packages to products for children, there is something for every one. Right now, we offer over 1,000 products across 14 categories, and with more to come. 

1. CXA Shop - How it works

For employees, choosing their best-fit benefit is just like any other online shopping experience. They will each have an eWallet with an account balance, and shopping at the CXA Shop will deduct from it. Your staff will come to enjoy taking their benefits into their own hands. 

2. Analytics

Besides the CXA Shop, the portal also comes with health recommendations and health risk analysis. This allows for a personalized benefits experience that changes alongside your wellness needs. Using advanced software, we analyse your employees’ biometrics, key work/life events, past purchase behavior, and more to provide suggestions that address their unique health risks. 

Topics to be covered on the Pacific Prime CXA blog 

Keep up with the latest flexible benefits news and trends on the Pacific Prime CXA blog. Besides flex benefits, the following topics will also be covered: 

  • Employee benefits
  • Group/corporate insurance 
  • Wellness and health 
  • Healthcare
  • …and more.

Get in touch with Pacific Prime CXA 

With the Great Resignation looming, it’ll take more than a decent salary and work hours to retain your staff. Health is also fast becoming a priority among employees of all ages. Pacific Prime CXA can help you modernise your group health plan.

Retain, engage and empower your employees by letting them take charge of their own health through our flexible benefits portal. Get targeted health advice with our free, built-in software. Contact our team of corporate specialists to book a free demo now!